Furnace Leaking Water: Why Is This Happening?

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There’s no doubt that seeing puddles of water underneath your furnace bears some cause for concern. There are a few reasons you may be seeing water leakage, and some of those possible causes may be easily fixed. However, proper repairs do require a certain degree of expertise and skill to help maintain the health and efficiency of your furnace. 

For furnace maintenance and repairs in Southern California, be sure to reach out to a professional technician at Home Comfort USA. The following are a few common reasons you may have a furnace leaking water. Some of these complications can be DIY tasks. However, to correct the leak and prevent further damage to your furnace, it’s essential to lean on an expert HVAC technician for troubleshooting and furnace repair.

Obstructed or Burst Condensation Pipe

Over time, condensation drain channels can become obstructed by dirt, debris, mildew, or residue from the drip pan, also known as a condensate pan. This typically makes it incredibly challenging for the water in the furnace to disperse out of the drain channel properly. The accumulated water will then end in backflow and leak water, which could be the culprit of the pooling water around your furnace. A furnace’s drain channel can even break and cause a condensation leak in some instances. 

Infographic explains why water leaks from furnace

Clogged Filter

Clogged furnace air filters restrain airflow and the proper distribution of heat, and this can cause the condenser or evaporator coils to freeze gradually. Once the heating system is turned off, frozen components begin to melt and trickle into the pan, resulting in water leaking from the furnace. It’s essential to keep furnace filters clean to avoid a clog and any frozen components that lead to pooling water. 

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Jammed Drain Pipe

The drain tube is usually the component of your heating system that enables the condensate to run out through the sewerage system. When this particular channel is jammed, there’s no outlet for the water to move freely within the heating system. This results in leakage that stems from other components of your furnace and it can lead to serious water damage.

Improper Installation

Ensuring proper installation of your furnace is paramount to ensuring its full and optimal functionality. This all begins with finding a reputable and trustworthy HVAC service. Most importantly, the HVAC tech should be fully qualified and licensed to install your furnace. Improper installation is a valid reason for leaks and pooling water around your furnace if the furnace itself is brand-new. 

Furnace leaks might occur even after significant or constant repairs, especially if the unit was improperly installed. To stop leaks and prevent further damage to your brand new furnace, we recommend that you contact a local technician for repairs.

Damaged Humidifier

When it comes to furnaces, humidifier leaks are not uncommon. The humidifier is a device that helps provide additional humidity in a building. A leaky humidifier can be a result of a broken gasket. With standard air conditioner maintenance, an HVAC professional can discover a leaking humidifier before there’s significant damage.

Heat Exchanger Problem

Do you suspect your heat exchanger is the reason for leaking water? We recommend that you review some of the above tips and see if any of them apply to your situation. If none seem to fit and you’re still asking, “Why is my furnace leaking?” we recommend you contact an HVAC technician, and they will be able to come up with more options on how to solve this issue.

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Do You Require Furnace Repair?

There are many reasons why your furnace leaks water. Water dripping can occur in various areas of your furnace for several reasons, hence the importance of relying on professional help for repairs. Attempting to fix a furnace that leaks water on your own can be both frustrating and expensive for homeowners. 

Home Comfort USA technicians are available 24/7 for your convenience. For any issues regarding HVAC system maintenance or if your furnace is leaking water, contact a specialist now, and one of our professional technicians would be more than happy to assist you! Don’t forget to ask about our high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning systems.

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