Furnace Repairs: Most Common Problems and When to Call the Pros

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Furnace repairs can range from homeowner DIY tasks to costly service calls that often don’t address the root cause of the problem. That’s why it’s essential to find a qualified, experienced, and licensed furnace repair technician in your area with a proven track record of trustworthiness and efficient repair processes. 

Home Comfort USA has provided effective HVAC maintenance and repair services for nearly a decade. We guarantee 100% homeowner satisfaction—our award-winning furnace repair services will exceed your expectations. 

It’s important to have a general understanding of your expectations regarding common furnace issues that may arise and how they may begin in the first place. If you’re currently experiencing any of the following complications, feel free to reach out to us for your furnace needs. Our HVAC technicians are available 24/7! The following are a few of the most common furnace problems.

Ignition Issues

Ignition issues may vary depending on the root cause, given the many furnace types available. Modern systems utilize surface ignition or intermittent pilot light to ignite the furnace. When the thermostat senses a drop in temperature, it signals the furnace to turn on, and electricity flows through the igniter and increases the temperature. These igniters are thin pieces of metal and often experience normal wear and tear that could cause ignition issues, which typically require repair from a professional. 

Infographic of common furnace problems

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If your furnace suddenly shuts off, it may have tripped the circuit breaker due to excess load. Before contacting a technician, the first thing you should always do is check the circuit breaker. There’s also a switch near the furnace that can turn it on or off. This switch is very similar to a light switch and can often be accidentally turned off. An overworking furnace can cause a circuit breaker to trip in some circumstances; this can indicate a few malfunctions and usually requires the expertise of a technician to repair.

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Burner Requires Maintenance

Furnaces rely on burners that heat the air throughout your home via ductwork. Sometimes, when a furnace fails to function, the issue may be the burner rather than the ignition system. A malfunctioning burner is known to increase electricity bills and reduce the overall comfort of your home’s climate. Burners usually require maintenance due to normal wear and tear or accumulated debris. This type of furnace maintenance requires following strict protocols and processes and is best left to the pros.

Blower Fan Malfunctions

A faulty blower fan is often a cause for concern regarding your home’s heating system. 

A blower fan can malfunction because of complex mechanical issues that can arise quickly and typically result from normal wear and tear. High-pitched squealing noises are often an indicator of a blower fan or blower belt that has begun to malfunction. Licensed HVAC repair specialists should perform heating repairs for such an issue.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty filters restrict airflow and make your HVAC unit work too hard. When this happens, the build-up in your furnace filter puts unnecessary strain on your furnace and can cause an unwanted breakdown. If you have a clogged filter, it will need to be cleaned or replaced with a new one. Keep a regular schedule to change your furnace filter, which will help save money on energy bills and improve your indoor air quality. Air filters for furnaces can last from one to 3 months, depending on the type. Our furnace tune-up services include replacing dirty filters.

Are You Experiencing Furnace Problems?

Heating system malfunctions are not uncommon. Some may be the result of normal wear and tear, the accumulation of debris, or in some cases, a complex technical issue that springs up quickly. Whatever the case may be, it’s essential to rely on the furnace troubleshooting expertise of a licensed HVAC technician to ensure that the root cause of the malfunction is fixed and doesn’t occur again. Regular maintenance is integral to ensuring the optimal functionality of any electric or gas furnace.

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If you’re a Southern California homeowner requiring furnace maintenance or air conditioning services, contact a local technician at Home Comfort USA today. Our team will ensure that your HVAC system is in tip-top shape. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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