Heating Repairheating service

You may need heating repairs if you are:

  • noticing higher utility bills
  • experiencing weird smells or loud noises coming from your heating system
  • experiencing inefficient heating

Home Comfort USA Heating Maintenance


There are multiple reasons your heating unit may need repairs, including a broken pilot, dirty air filter, or simply having an older unit that is breaking down. Repairs on certain parts of the heating unit are recommended to keep everything working correctly, but repairs cannot always be made.



Heating repairs may be needed on different parts of the unit, including the following:

  • Heat pump
  • Filter
  • Gas Leaks
  • Drain lines
  • Ductwork

Learn more about heater tune-up service.

Heating Installation

heating installationIf repairs need to be made, but the damage is more than can be fixed, it may be time to replace the heating unit altogether. When it comes to heating unit installations, you want to be sure to pick energy-efficient unit that allows you to save money on utility bills.

-receive the same amount of heat source without having to break the bank month after month.

-help with maintenance over the long–run, further saving you time and money