How does indoor air quality impact my family?

Do you know that almost 50% of illnesses related to the upper respiratory system are caused because of bad air quality? Kids are much more vulnerable to poor indoor air quality. If you don’t get regular home air duct cleaning, the contaminated air in the system can cause a wide range of health problems. It can also aggravate existing problems like allergies, respiratory problems and even autoimmune conditions. When the air duct is cleaned regularly, you will be removing the pollutants and contaminants.

How can duct cleaning help save me money?

If you leave your air duct as such without cleaning, debris and dirt will start accumulating in the filter and the heating/cooling unit. A clogged system will have to work harder and longer to achieve the desired heating and cooling. This will increase the amount o energy required and can significantly increase the energy costs. But if regular home air duct cleaning is conducted, it will help you in saving more by running your system efficiently.

Why is duct and dryer vent cleaning so important?

The dirt and debris clogged in the duct and dryer vent can contain flammable fibers and hair. Clogging can further cause overheating of the dryer element, which can increase the risk of fire. An overworking heating unit when combined with circulating flammable material can create the perfect environment for fire.

Most homeowners never realize the potential threat of fire due to a clogged ductwork and dryer vent. You can ask your home air duct cleaning company to clean the duct and dryer vent. Just like the furnace, any obstruction in the dryer vent is going to force the dryer to work longer and harder.

Why do I need coiling cleaning?

Make sure that the evaporator / condenser coils always remain clean. Otherwise the dirt can hamper the ability of the coils in transferring heat. This can force the unit to work more, causing consumption of more energy. This can not only increase the cost of operation, it can also cause excess strain on the unit and increase the chance of HVAC repair. It is recommended to have the coils cleaned once every year.

Why isn’t my home retaining heat?

Make sure that your home is well insulated. Have it inspected once every year, as many insulation companies offer free evaluation. If there are gaps in the insulation, your HVAC system will have to work harder. This will increase the amount of energy spent on heating or cooling. The extra strain on the unit will also increase the chances of HVAC repair needs.

You should also check for any gaps or cracks in the ductwork will adversely affect the efficiency of your HVAC unit. These openings can cause warm air from within your home to flow out and the conditioned air to move out of the duct. Again the unit will have to work harder and continuously to keep the indoors comfortable. So make sure that the ductwork is checked once every year or twice a year when the season changes.

My skin is dry and my hair is static!

Humidity plays a crucial role in maintaining the comfort in your home during the cold months. Make sure that the humidity levels remain in the 30-60% range. You don’t want the air to become dry because that will require the heater to work at higher temperatures for achieving the desired comfort level. This could also force the heating unit to work harder and increase the chances of heater repair services. On the other hand, make sure that water drops don’t form on the windows or other surfaces in your home because it is a sign that the air contains too much of humidity. If the humidifier is not working properly, get it checked by certified heating and cooling services.

How can I keep heating costs down?

There are a few ways to lower heating costs, the main one being a “programmable thermostat”.

Get a programmable thermostat and set the temperature right when going out. For example, if you are going to work, set the temperature lower during winter and higher in summer. It will help ensure that your home has a comfortable environment when you arrive back, and the same can be done before going to bed. A programmable thermostat can be a valuable investment. It can help improve the system’s efficiency, convenience and save you money.

Another way to improve heating costs is to check air leak through doors and windows. So getting your doors and windows checked once every 6 months for any cracks or damages. You can yourself caulk any gaps or cracks in the weather stripping or window frames. Leaks can also happen through the ductwork, so make sure to check them too for any gaps. Your heating and cooling services can also provide professional inspection for the ductwork.

My HVAC system is older, what should I worry about?

Size– If your HVAC system is not the right size, ask your heating and cooling services to check it. A properly sized system will have the capacity to meet the heating/cooling needs of your home.

If you have an outdoor HVAC System, make sure it is kept under shade, as this will help extend its life. Preventative maintenance is crucial for maintaining your heating/cooling unit. Make sure to have your heating and cooling services check the system every year to ensure that all the parts are working properly.

Faulty or failing system parts– something as simple as the thermostat sensor could cause major issues with your HVAC system. This sensor plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

a hvac unit outside of a house

me. The heating/cooling system will stop working properly if this sensor becomes faulty. If you have a faulty sensor, make sure to get the heat and air repair service from certified technicians. Many times it is the location of the sensor that is the source of the problem. For example, if the sensor is located in a small room, the set temperature is achieved faster and the cycle will come to a halt. This could affect the temperatures in the larger rooms.

Therefore, it will be best if the thermostat sensor is placed in a large room that is located close to the center of the building. The system turns on/off too frequently and consumes much more energy. There are two common problems that could arise due to a faulty thermostat:

  1. The system will increase your energy bills;
  2. The system will wear out faster.

So if your system faces are working irregularly and it keeps switching between cycles, get it checked by expert heat and air repair services.

Congested or small ducts– Airflow is a common problem with many heating/cooling systems. The issue is often due to smaller ducts in certain parts. When the airflow is limited, it interferes with the performance of the system. So make sure that your unit is designed with properly sized ducts.

Dirty or clogged filters– Similar to other systems, the filters play the same role in the case of heating and cooling systems. They keep out pollutants and contaminants out of the HVAC System’s airflow system. If filters are not checked and replaced, they could build-up debris and even harbor bacteria. This could adversely affect your unit by not only preventing it from working effectively but also by forcing it to work harder.

Leaking or low refrigerant– Many times the root cause behind the heat and air repair is the leak of refrigerant. This can be caused due to several reasons, with the HVAC System’s excess vibration being one of them. If there has been leakage from within the condenser or evaporator coil, it cannot be repaired. But in other cases, the unit can be repaired after removing the refrigerant.

Most often lack of regular maintenance is the root cause of most heat and air repair problems. Periodic inspection and service can go a long way in preventing most of the problems. Preventative maintenance will also help in saving your money and extending the life of your heating and cooling system. So make sure to take proper care of your unit and you will be able to prevent most of the problems.

If the level of refrigerant falls, it is a sign that there is some issue or leakage. If this happens, the system will no longer cool like earlier. Rather than just refilling the refrigerant, it is recommended to get the leak identified and repaired. All such air conditioning repairs should be handled by certified technicians.

My AC is making a wailing sound!

Many times if the AC has a problem it make a wailing sound where the noise keeps growing gradually. It is often caused because of the bearings within the fan’s motor. The root cause could be easily checked by switching off power to the air handler / heater. Once it has stopped, just pull the motor shaft from its end. If you notice a good amount of movement, it is a sign that the bearings are worn out. In most cases this happens because of a number of reasons.

My AC Won’t Start or Turns Off!

Many times it is the outer fan that is causing issues leading to the overheating of the AC compressor and further causing the safety to trip. The fan more not be working effectively or may have stopped working altogether. If you don’t get the proper air conditioning repairs, the compressor could get damaged too.

Your air conditioning system can have frozen coils. If this is the problem, it will not work effectively because the free flow of air and coolant will be affected. Even after you have had this issue repaired, make sure to take proper care of your unit. It will involve replacing the filter regularly when using the unit during the summer. You will also have to clean it off any debris from time to time. In rare cases, the indoor coils could be frozen because the level of refrigerant has fallen.

If there is some problem with the wiring, it can cut off the power supply to the AC unit. This may also trip the circuit breaker. Faulty wiring could also increase the risk of fire.

Help! My home is always dusty.

Keeping your home’s air duct clean will help in keeping your home’s interior clean. You will no longer find dust on the furniture even after you have cleaned the rooms. If there is dirt in the ductwork, it is commonly seen that black lines form under the doors, and near the stairwells and air vents. They can be much more highlighted on carpets of light shade.
If the air duct is not cleaned, the fine dust will keep circulating and no amount of dusting will clean your indoor items. This will also increase the need for regularly cleaning your carpet.

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