What is the Best Setting for Your Central Air Conditioner?

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a hand touching a thermostatMaking the best selection for a central air conditioner depends upon several factors. Many homeowners strongly value energy efficiency, while others hope to ensure a comfortable living space even if it means a few extra dollars in energy costs for a few months.

At Home Comfort USA, we believe both goals are easily attainable – and definitely not mutually exclusive. To get started with a more efficient air conditioning system, our trained technicians can walk you through the process with peace of mind and a mindful eye on the economy of heating and cooling the home.

Settings for Energy Efficiency

If lower energy bills are the ultimate goal, certain air conditioner settings are proven to reduce the home’s reliance on the HVAC system to cool the home, which in turn reduces the electricity expenses. On the market today are several pre-programmable thermostats that can be set ahead of time to maximize energy usage, particularly if homeowners are not going to be in the home for an extended period of time.

Moreover, these pre-programmable methods make it easy to keep the home at a less-than-comfortable 78 or 80 degrees during periods of time when no one is home, and are easily adjustable to 74 or lower once the family descends on the home.

Other Options for Reducing Air Conditioning Expenses

Thermostat with touchscreenFor those who wish to keep their Southern California home cool in the Summer without excessive extra energy costs, the following options have proven helpful to our clients:

  • Open the Windows: A basic piece of advice, we know, but sometimes simply opening the windows to create a cross-draft in the home is sufficient to suspend use of the air conditioner all together – particularly in the milder Spring and Fall months.
  • Turn Off at Night: Southern California can become surprisingly temperate during the evening hours, and it may actually not be necessary to rely on the A/C at all during this time of day.
  • Increase the Temperature: In the scorching heat of Summer, keeping the thermostat a little higher than usual (g., 74-78 degrees, or higher) can still be tolerable without overtaxing the HVAC system and creating excessive energy bills.
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While there is no perfect air conditioner setting, we encourage clients to weigh their goals between decreased energy costs and a perfectly comfortable home – and we believe both are possible with the right HVAC system and proper maintenance.

Contact Home Comfort USA today!

If you live in the Anaheim area and would like to discuss your options concerning home air conditioning maintenance and service, we hope you’ll give us a call as soon as possible. We are an HVAC company that can take a look at your existing air conditioning system and determine if repairs and upgrades are necessary – and look forward to working with you soon!

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