How Duct Cleaning Will Help a Dusty Home

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A group of ductsYou can’t help but laugh reading this recent Washington Post article about how HVAC duct cleaning is unnecessary. After spending most of the time quoting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about misleading statements being made about health benefits, the author concedes there are benefits of doing it.

The EPA recommends cleaning ducts that have mold growth, pest infestation, substantial dust, or debris. This report also points out the importance of fixing leaky ducts, changing air filters, and keeping furnace equipment regularly maintained.

As Southern California’s industry-leading HVAC servicing company, no one can know a thing or two about how to keep a dusty home clean.

Raging War on Air Pollution

In an earlier article, the Washington Post admits dust can have adverse reactions on human health, depending on a variety of factors. Some studies have found carcinogens in dust that are linked to asthma and cancer, and we can’t afford to ignore this.

Air quality is important to all of us.

The fact is, Southern California is raging a $14-billion war on smog. Los Angeles has the worst air pollution in the United States year after year. Cleaning your air ducts in and of itself is just one small step in a holistic approach to keeping your indoors clean when the outdoor air is polluted.

And it’s not just your average pollution found in our indoor air.

Breaking the Mold

Southern California is known for its gorgeous beaches, and that moisture comes with a high risk of mold. Excessive humidity, condensation, and leaks cause mold spores to grow and evolve, creating problems in your dusty house.

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Not only is it dusty, but it becomes musty when a mold reaches its flowering stage and releases millions of microscopic spores into the air. Proper air circulation in residential buildings is heavily regulated for this reason.

Have you ever noticed nearly every California home you’ve been in has vents in the bathroom? That’s because they are a high-risk area for moisture and mold buildup that require extra ventilation. Air ducts are vital to keeping air circulating out of these high-risk areas, through our air filters, and in or out of the house.

Keeping Your Airways Clean

Even in the most scathing anti-duct-cleaning reports, a “minimal” benefit is admitted. That’s why we don’t take chances at HomeComfortUSA. Air duct cleaning shouldn’t be a stigmatizing issue, and we want you to be comfortable in your own home.

That’s why our professional technicians will examine every square inch of your HVAC system and ductwork to recommend the best options for the most optimal operation. Our goal is to keep everyone in Southern California safe and healthy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Air duct cleaning does provide benefits, and it’s just one of the professional services we provide to all our customers.

Stop breathing in all that bad air – contact us today to schedule an appointment for a professional HVAC inspection and air duct cleaning.

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