HVAC Maintenance Checklist for the Fall Season

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Fall is here at last! As the temperature gets cooler, it’s important that your HVAC system is functioning properly to keep your home comfortable. It is best to be proactive in maintaining a functional unit regardless of the season. This checklist provides you with the necessary maintenance requirements for your system to operate at maximum efficiency during the fall season.

HVAC preventive maintenance is important to prevent issues from arising during the change of the season. There are a few steps you can personally take to ensure that you have a functioning unit during the fall. However, it’s imperative to keep in touch with a reputable HVAC company that can provide services that guarantee the efficiency of your system through the cooler months. At Home Comfort USA, we take pride in our ability to accommodate homeowners and meet all of their HVAC needs and requirements. This checklist can help you with proactive maintenance on your unit before the start of Fall!

1. Check Air Filters

Your air filters play a key role in maintaining the optimal efficiency of your unit. Maintaining proper airflow is crucial to ensure the full functionality of your system. The best way to promote proper airflow is by replacing your air filters at least once a month.

When your air filters become dirty or clogged, it can strain the components of your system and cause it to work overtime to meet the required indoor temperature. This can raise electric bills, and ultimately result in damage to components of your system.

2. Remove All Dirt & Debris

Cleaning your home regularly and removing all dirt, dust, dander, and debris from your HVAC is vital to the efficiency of your unit. If your system has a ground-level outdoor unit, it’s critical to examine the unit every week and remove any debris that could influence the functionality of your system. This includes sticks, rocks, dirt, pollen, moss, and more. Anything that may block the airflow of your unit should be removed immediately. Use gloves and protective garments while cleaning your outdoor unit. In some instances, a hose may be necessary. Make sure to turn your unit off before cleaning. 

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3. Clean Your Vents

It is very important to clean the vents of your unit as you approach the cooler months. Dirty or clogged vents may result in the circulation of unclean air and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC. Dirt, pollen, and other materials are known to accumulate quickly, which can reduce airflow and result in the inhalation of unclean air. 

Your vents should be cleaned periodically, at least once a week, if you want your HVAC system to operate efficiently. Cleaning the vents of your unit is relatively easy and typically only requires the use of a damp rag. Cleaning your vents regularly will reduce the strain on your system and allow your unit to keep your home at your desired temperature during the cooler months.

4. Inspect Ductwork

Leaking, clogged, or dirty ducts can have a critical impact on the functionality of your unit. Dirt, hair, debris, and other materials accumulate in your ductwork regularly, regardless of how clean you keep your household. Older ducts may also be damaged, which can result in leaks that affect proper airflow. 

Both of these problems can result in malfunctions and higher electric bills. To ensure optimal HVAC functionality, have a professional technician inspect, clean, and/or repair your ducts regularly. Doing so will allow your unit to operate at its full capacity.

Do You Require Professional HVAC Maintenance?

With the fall season approaching, homeowners must schedule or do the proper HVAC preventive maintenancenecessary for a fully functional unit. It’s important to follow a checklist that will provide you with the optimal operation of your system for comfort during the cooler months. If you have questions regarding HVAC maintenance or require repairs, contact us at Home Comfort USA today to speak with a specialist!

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