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Home Comfort USA is proud to announce our new partnership with the HERO program and what it has to offer. HERO, also known as Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, is designed to help Southern California homeowners achieve easy financing when it comes to HVAC replacement; however, If your heating or air conditioning system is in need of necessary repairs, you may find yourself in somewhat of a bind in terms of how to proceed. Should you have it repaired or replaced?

You can always have your system repaired and pay for it upfront, yet it may end up costing you more in the long run; repeat repairs and maintenance issues can arise at any time, and you may also end up spending more on energy consumption. It’s also important to note that comfort, or the lack thereof, can become an issue, as well as being able to rely on your HVAC system on a year-round basis.

HERO Channel Partner Program

If you decide to have your system replaced, the HERO Channel Partner Program may be just what you’re looking for. Because local governments are focused on saving energy, on the whole, they created the HERO Program in 2010 while assisting homeowners in reducing overall energy costs, not to mention improving the quality of life for thousands of Southern Californians. Our partnership with HERO can make a significant difference when it comes time to make this type of investment. 

How it Works

Through the HERO Program, you can avoid upfront costs and have a brand new, energy-saving HVAC system installed in your home. You may also be pleased to hear that there are no credit score requirements in order to qualify, and the financing involved may end up providing some measurable tax benefits.

When tax season does roll around, consult with your tax specialist to explore your options. And if you end up selling your home, the remaining balance can be transferred to the new buyers in most cases. It’s easy to qualify and simple to apply for and you won’t have to wait around for a decision; the approval turnaround time is instantaneous.

Payments are made through an assessment of your property taxes and the equity that you’ve already built up through your mortgage payments. The entire process is similar to most any financing endeavor, yet your credit score has absolutely nothing to do with interest payments whatsoever. You can get started with no money down, fixed rates, and flexible terms from five to 20 years.

Hero Registered Contractors

All HERO registered contractors are licensed, bonded, and verified. In addition, they adhere to the strictest of consumer protection policies. As an added bonus, your prospective contractor has already agreed to not getting paid until you’ve signed off on the proposed contract, stating that the project has been completed and that you’re completely satisfied with the services provided.

Hero Certified 

Here at Home Comfort USA, we’re a certified and trusted member of the HERO Channel Partner Program, which is guaranteed to provide superior customer satisfaction, effective HERO marketing programs, and the highest quality of products and services. For additional information regarding any unanswered questions, feel free to enquire within. We’re here to help!  



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