Is It Bad to Keep Turning AC On and Off?

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It’s common for people to say that shutting your air conditioner off while you are at work can lower your electricity bill. Others say that shutting it on and off can cause the system to become less energy efficient.

Is it bad to keep turning the AC on and off throughout the day? Keep reading to discover the answer.

Is It Bad to Keep Turning the AC On and Off?

No, it is in fact not bad to keep turning your AC unit on and off. It might seem like a waste of energy to keep tampering with the AC settings throughout the day, but it can actually save you money on your energy bill. Air conditioners work best at cooling and dehumidifying when they run at full speed. Running your system all day does require more overall energy.

If you have a central AC system or a mini-split that uses a thermostat, you can save energy in other ways. Instead of turning your air conditioner completely off for a period of time, you can set the thermostat a little higher.

To get the best energy savings with this method, leave your air conditioner running at 78 degrees or more while out of the home.

Two Ways to Conserve Energy:

While most people aren’t home all day long to turn the AC on and off, there are a couple of great ways to save energy that don’t require you to be at home.

1) Buy a Programmable Thermostat

So, is it bad to turn off the AC during the day? Doing this can actually save you money, but buying a programmable thermostat is a better way to conserve while cooling down your home.

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If you program your system to turn off or increase the temperature in your home while you’re away, you can set it to begin cooling down before you return.

Thirty to 60 minutes before you head home, remotely bump the thermostat down to your desired temperature. This is one method of saving electricity without sacrificing comfort. Your house will feel comfortable as soon as you walk in without the extra costs or wear and tear on your AC unit.

It’s recommended to buy a thermostat that suits your home’s HVAC system. Keep in mind that not every model will work with a heat pump, which can cause issues for you in the winter.

2) Install a Ceiling Fan

If you don’t already have ceiling fans throughout your home, have one or more installed in particularly warm areas. If you have a home with high ceilings, fans can help circulate the warm air that tends to accumulate higher up.

Is it bad to turn the AC on and off when using ceiling fans? Fans won’t make a room cooler, but they do move cool air around. It can seem like a waste of energy to leave a ceiling fan on, but it does help your home maintain a more consistent temperature. Ceiling fans can also help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

AC Maintenance and Installation

Although the basic answer is no, it’s not bad to turn your AC on and off, it’s important to implement changes that maximize efficiency.

Along with following the tips in this article, consider regular AC maintenance for the best results. Home Comfort can help handle any AC repair needs your home may have and ff your AC unit is 15 years old or more, a great way to save energy is with a new energy-efficient AC unit.

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Our team of experts at Home Comfort USA can help make your home a comfortable place. Contact us today at (888) 462-0089 to learn more about our air conditioning services.

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