Charity Drive for the Sheepfold is a Huge Success

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Since founding Home Comfort USA in 2013, Ken Starr has always strived to be different. To provide a service that goes above and beyond expectations, and that brings people together. So, it was no surprise that this last year, Ken and the employees of Home Comfort USA gathered together to support the efforts of the Sheepfold, a charity organization focused on supporting homeless, abused, and forsaken women with children.

Ken Starr and Home Comfort USA Stuff a Truck Event For Sheepfold

The Stuff a Comfort Van campaign took place throughout the Christmas season and was a huge success, gathering a van full of toys, household goods and toys for families in the sheepfold for the holidays.

Stuff a Comfort Van Charity Drive

The women in the sheepfold are part of a multi-month program that helps them pick up the pieces of a shattered life, providing the resources needed to regain independence and ensure they are never again tempted to return to the abusive relationships from which they recently escaped just to put food on the table or clothing on their children.

For this reason, it’s incredibly important that there are ample resources available, and Home Comfort USA founder, Ken Starr wanted to do what he could to give back and help support this effort. To do so, he gathered the employees of the company and volunteered to fill a comfort van with goodies needed by these families during the holiday season. Some of the things gathered for the campaign included:

  • Ken Starr and Home Comofrt USA Stuff a Truck EventGift cards to local department stores, grocery stores, and others for necessary staples
  • Toddler and infant clothing for both boys and girls
  • Toys and games for children for the holidays
  • Basic personal care products, including personal hygiene products and blankets
  • Children’s scooters and bicycles
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The result was a huge success – a filled van with donations that would go to women and their children in need throughout the Orange County area.

About the Sheepfold

Founded in 1979, the Sheepfold has been a champion for abused and forsaken women for nearly 40 years, helping them to find shelter, start new lives, and maintain independence. It’s not just about providing resources to survive, but to ensure that, during the course of a six-month program, they have what they need to regain independence and take care of themselves and their children.

But for the Sheepfold to succeed, help from the community is a must. These families need a lot of resources – from personal care items to clothing, blankets, coats, and groceries. They rely a lot on the efforts of their volunteers and donations from community members to fulfill their mission.

It’s for this reason that Home Comfort USA was so proud to gather and help during the Christmas season, gathering goods that would be used to help these families restart their lives and enjoy the holidays.

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