5 Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance Is Worth It

furnace maintenance

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Furnace maintenance is likely a top priority if you own a furnace or are even thinking of owning one. Furnaces are an expensive investment for homeowners but are crucial when living in colder climates. Taking care of your furnace can save you money down the line by extending its life span and keeping it running more efficiently.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance Services:

1) Furnace Maintenance Promotes Energy Efficiency

Furnaces, like most things, become less efficient with time. Sometimes the parts get old, and the bearings start to creak or get loose. Sometimes the ductwork gets cracked and develops leaks, or the pilot light takes a few tries to ignite and stay on. Sometimes it’s a combination of things, but even minor signs of wear are enough to make your heating unit inefficient. 

Every leak, every failed ignition, and every loose part can cost you more money in energy bills. Leaky HVAC components mean heat isn’t being adequately circulated, unnecessarily consuming fuel. If your heating unit is heating air, but you’re not feeling it, your energy efficiency is compromised.

Whether it’s poor airflow or a faulty gas line, routine preventative maintenance can save you the trouble of having to troubleshoot solutions yourself. The great thing about annual furnace maintenance is that current issues get resolved, and new ones are prevented. A company like Home Comfort USA not only ensures that your furnace runs well but that it runs as efficiently as possible.

2) Furnace Tune-Ups Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns

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Furnaces are big machines with many moving parts that have to work together to pull in cold air, heat it, and blow it back into your home. There’s a heat exchanger, air ducts, and—in some furnaces—connections to gas lines, exhaust vents, and flue lines. These parts are tied together, so when one starts to malfunction, it almost always affects the performance of others. 

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Sometimes parts can get worn without us noticing—a furnace component can take weeks to become loose. Even if it makes a sound, it can start quietly enough to ignore. Our ears sometimes adjust to the rattle, so we only notice when the piece breaks or malfunctions. Routine maintenance can spot these strange noises and indicate a problem to a trained HVAC contractor.

3) Maintain a Valid Manufacturer's Warranty

The HVAC manufacturer’s warranty guarantees that the manufacturer will repair or replace any part of the HVAC system that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Regular maintenance is essential for your HVAC system because it helps keep your warranty valid, and it also enables you to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Having an HVAC technician perform annual tune-ups on the unit prevents this from happening. Not only do they have an unbiased ear, but they are skilled enough to notice when things go awry, even when we can’t. They can even diagnose broken parts that don’t make a sound, which helps prevent costly repairs down the line. 

When something as small as a dirty air filter can cause a unit to overheat, it’s essential to have regular furnace inspections to ensure that it’s running at maximum efficiency. 

4) HVAC Maintenance Prevents Health Risks

The more you use a furnace, the bigger the possibility of affecting your health. A furnace circulates air through a house, so a problem with its filter, air ducts, or even a gas line will almost immediately affect your indoor air quality.

Dirty or clogged filters can push contaminants and dirt back into your indoor air, and moldy air ducts can do the same with mold particles. The effects can be subtle at first, but they usually worsen over time. To protect your health, having an HVAC technician check the indoor air quality and the cleanliness of the heating unit is crucial. They’ll be able to tell you if there are any holes or restricted airflow or, at worst, a leaking gas line (if you have a gas furnace). 

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Don’t wait until you have headaches, trouble breathing, or other symptoms of contaminated air. Schedule an inspection from an HVAC company you trust, like Home Comfort USA

5) Maintenance Extends The Lifespan Of Your Furnace

Every furnace will eventually need to be replaced, and when this happens, it can be both expensive and inconvenient. That’s why it’s important to take steps to maximize the life of your current furnace by scheduling routine maintenance or inspecting it for any problems that might need attention.

Furnaces are costly, and an unexpected replacement can catch some homeowners off-guard. It’s in your best interest to extend the lifespan of your heating unit as much as you can, and routine maintenance and inspections make it easy. 

A Furnace Maintenance Plan Provides Peace of Mind

Your next step should be to reach out to a reliable heating specialist like Home Comfort USA. We provide same-day service for all your HVAC service needs, from heating system inspections to installations and 24/7 emergency service; we’re here to help you avoid uncomfortable breakdowns and expensive repairs. Our Home Comfort HVAC professionals take the stress out of furnace repair.

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