3 Reasons Why You Should Leave Duct Cleaning to a Professional

A tech is doing duct cleaning at a home

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When it comes to your air ducts, leave routine maintenance and cleaning to trained technicians. Professional care ensures your HVAC system can continue functioning properly. In addition to yearly inspections, have your home’s air ducts professionally cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

Why should you have air ducts cleaned? Thorough cleanings can remove the build-up of grime and debris, leading to significant damages and hazardous breathing conditions if left unserviced.

Many homeowners may attempt to clean the air ducts themselves. However, there are several reasons why one should instead seek cleaning services from a professional HVAC company.

Only Professionals Carry Proper Cleaning Tools

Simply put, the average homeowner does not have access to the cleaning equipment that professionals use. This is because the professional cleaning supplies maintenance companies use typically come from unique suppliers: those who specialize in producing equipment for the sole purpose of duct cleaning. In other words, you will not be able to purchase adequate vacuums and cleaning equipment at your local big box store. 

Even if you find an online supplier that sells professional-grade duct cleaning products, proper cleaning requires experience. Without this experience, you could negatively impact your air ducts. How? By neglecting to remove all of the built-up debris, which can result in damages to your duct system over time.

DIY Cleaning Can Lead to Damages

Furthermore, if one attempts to clean their ducts themselves, they could do far more harm than good. A homeowner would choose a DIY approach to cleaning their air ducts to save money on service fees. However, the cost to clean air ducts is relatively low compared to potential damages—problems that could result from years of improper or neglected cleaning.

When a homeowner sets out to clean their air ducts without the proper experience or equipment, it is nearly impossible to remove all debris accumulated since its last cleaning. In addition, if a homeowner fails to properly clean their air ducts for multiple years in a row, damages can result as the ducts begin to corrode—due to the constant presence of bacteria and other debris.

Professional Technicians Get the Job Done Fast and Right

Ultimately, seek the services of a professional HVAC maintenance company to guarantee that the job is done quickly and without error. This way, you will not have to worry about anything, as you can rest assured that the professional technician will handle everything else. Once the job is complete, the technician will completely clear your air ducts of any debris that has built up over the years. As a result, your HVAC system will work much more effectively. 

Home Comfort USA

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