3 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money

Tech with a filter he will use to provide HVAC maintenance

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It may seem counterintuitive that paying for HVAC maintenance could save you money, but the cost of maintenance pales in comparison to the price of HVAC repairs or replacing a system entirely! High electric bills, costly repairs, and a dysfunctional unit can all result from inadequate maintenance or untimely inspection and assessment. Do yourself a favor and schedule your system for regular maintenance before it’s too late!

1. Influxes in Energy Usage

Many factors can cause your unit to consume more energy than normal. In most cases, clogged filters and vents result in your system having to work overtime to meet the specified indoor temperature set on the thermostat. This clogging results from the accumulation of contaminants like dust, dirt, dander, pollen, debris, bacteria, and much more. These contaminants can cause mild to severe allergic reactions and even health or breathing problems. In severe cases, clogged vents and filters can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, which can trigger asthma.

If your home has ductwork, it’s important to have a specialist examine your ducts regularly to inspect for holes, cracks, damage, or clogging. All of these issues can also lead to your HVAC having to work overtime to maintain a constant temperature. Unfortunately, units that work too hard lead to expensive utility bills. Scheduling regular maintenance will ensure the optimal functionality of your unit and prevent an influx in energy usage.

2. Damaged HVAC Components

Just like tires and sneakers, your HVAC experiences normal wear and tear that impacts the purpose it serves. The accumulation of contaminants in vents and air filters can lead to components that become damaged or dysfunctional. In addition, regular maintenance from reputable HVAC services will help pinpoint areas that need attention and support them in their functionality. Leaks, broken components, and clogging can all be avoided with regular maintenance. The cost of this maintenance will prove to be significantly lower than the cost of serious repairs to your system. 

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3. Having to Replace Your HVAC

Most units have a lifespan of up to 10 to 15 years. This is, of course, if your system receives maintenance regularly. Think of HVAC maintenance like you think about getting the oil changed in your car. Proper maintenance will keep your system running smoothly. Looking after your investment will prove beneficial when you get 10 to 15 years of use out of it rather than six or seven.

The cost of HVAC maintenance compared to replacement is unparalleled. It’s extremely expensive to replace a system, vents, ductwork, and more. That’s why regular, proper inspection of these elements will help you save money in the long run. It’s a simple choice: regular maintenance that ensures a 10- to 15-year system lifespan, or no maintenance until your system has broken down and you need to fork up thousands of dollars to replace it. Get the maintenance!

Does Your System Require Maintenance?

Home Comfort USA helps local homeowners save money when it comes to their HVAC. We offer regular maintenance at the most cost-effective rates from certified technicians who have years of relevant experience in the industry. If you need HVAC maintenance, contact us today! One of our experts would be more than happy to hear how we may accommodate you! 

From AC maintenance to heating maintenance, there’s nothing that our specialists can’t handle. We’ll be sure to increase the lifespan of your system while preventing the need for unnecessary repairs or replacement of your system. We look forward to hearing from you!    

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