Programmable Thermostats

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Programmable ThermostatsIf you’re thinking about how you can improve your homes energy-efficiency and cut back on your utility bills, you’re probably wondering about your air conditioning system. Heating and cooling account for roughly half of the energy bill in the average household, so your air conditioning system is a great place to start upgrading. The easiest way to start these upgrades is with one of Home Comfort USA’s programmable thermostats.

Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule what time your home’s heating or cooling comes on, and at what temperature. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, you will be losing efficiency no matter how advanced your air conditioning system is.

There are many benefits of having control over what time your heating and cooling comes on…

  • You can schedule your air conditioning system to stop running while you are at work or asleep, saving you money
  • Your home will stay the same temperature each day, regardless of the weather outside
  • You won’t forget to turn the air conditioner off when you don’t need it, saving you money

A programmable thermostat offers you efficiency, comfort, and control… all at the touch of a button.

Effortless Heating and Cooling

Non-programmable Thermostat

NOT Recommended

Once your programmable thermostat has been set to your liking, your air conditioning will run itself. With a standard thermostat, you have to manually adjust the system’s temperature throughout the day. When you schedule your air conditioning system with a programmable thermostat, you are guaranteed total comfort regardless of the weather outside.

Programmable thermostats ensure that you will not forget to turn your system off and on, thereby saving you money and energy. Even more importantly, at the end of a long day, you’ll be able to step into the comfort of your home without having to wait for the air conditioning system to reach the perfect temperature.

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Reduced Energy Consumption

The U.S. Department of Energy finds that by utilizing a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to save 15% on your annual energy bills. By minimizing how much you use your heating and cooling you will reduce fuel consumption, which will not only save you money but also making your household eco-friendly. Running your air conditioning less also reduces wear and tear on your HVAC system. This will save you the stress of having to make expensive repairs, not to mention the inconvenience of not having air conditioning.

Thanks to wi-fi technology, the latest programmable thermostats are capable of “learning”. Just like with a regular programmable thermostat, you would set the schedule for heating and cooling in your home. From there, a learning thermostat will make adjustments to your air conditioning system by detecting what times it detects the wi-fi from your phone. Learning thermostats offer total convenience, minimal fuel consumption, and reduced energy bills.

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