HVAC Installation: 5 Ways to Know if Your Tech Did a Good Job

man doing HVAC installation in a house

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It’s no secret that finding the right person to perform HVAC work at your home can feel stressful and overwhelming. . Not only do you have to weed through the “handyman” types claiming that they know how to do quality HVAC work but you also have to find a trustworthy technician. You  also want to find someone who will do good work for a decent price. And even after the work is done, you want to know that the job was done right. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you chose a good technician and that they got your HVAC installation or repair done correctly. 

1. Time Management and Punctuality

An important characteristic of good HVAC technicians is that they are punctual. All technicians are going to have multiple jobs lined up, but what isolates a good one is that they keep their promises. They will be able to give you a date and time that they will come to your home and keep that appointment. There may be times where a technician has to stay at a job longer than expected, which may put them slightly behind, but if they are hours late, this is not a good sign. If a technician continues to reschedule with you or does not show up without keeping you informed, you may want to look elsewhere. 

2. Technical Knowledge

HVAC technology and equipment is very complex and it ties into your home in multiple ways. It’s important to use an HVAC technician who’s experienced and knowledgeable in both current and previously used equipment so that they can recommend and adapt the best setup to your home. If the technician seems confused or doesn’t know how to handle your equipment, then they may not be the best fit to address your needs. Typically, this is something you’ll notice before any work is done. It may be the best idea to cancel the job if there is uncertainty and then research other HVAC technicians in your area. 

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3. Customer Service

It may not directly relate to the  itself, but good customer service is critical to a good HVAC tech. The tech should be able to understand your concerns or challenges as well as address them in a way that fully satisfies you. It is important that you feel comfortable having them in your home and they should act professionally. 

4. Communication Skills

While this could fall under the heading of customer service, Good communication is also in a league of its own. Communication is one of the most important qualities of an HVAC technician. The technician should be able to communicate precisely what the issue with your HVAC system is and the most efficient way to address it. In addition, a good HVAC technician will be patient in hearing and answering any questions that you may have. 

5. Recommending the Right Solution

You probably don’t know what the fix for your HVAC system is, which is why you’ve called in a technician. But there’s a difference between someone recommending a logical solution and someone who’s just trying to profit. A good technician will recommend the most efficient fix at an affordable price, whereas an unethical tech will try to upsell you to the most expensive equipment that will boost their profit margin. It’s important to pay attention here, as a good technician they will clearly explain everything to you.

Searching for the Right HVAC Technician?

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