How Home Comfort USA Is Keeping You Safe During the Lockdown

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The COVID-19 lockdown has made it difficult for everyone, especially since we are all required to shelter-in-place at home. Exceptions are made, however, in the case of essential services.

The Department of Homeland Security regards HVAC engineers as essential services. This means Home Comfort USA can continue making your life better by repairing and replacing your air conditioning and heating units.  

Your indoor air quality is at a premium right now, and it is crucial that your air conditioning maintain the best air quality possible.

It is also essential that we at Home Comfort USA do everything within our power to keep you safe during this challenging time. We want to continue doing business with you, but we also want you to know that we are concerned about your health as well.

Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioning Checked Now

Technician with a mask repairing an AC UnitPerforming air conditioning and heating services during this time of lockdown presents particular challenges. However, we know how important clean air is for all of us right now, and the opportunity to serve Southern California makes it worth it. As such, we are taking extra steps to make sure we comply with state and federal guidelines. We also want to make sure that you are comfortable with our services in your home.

Now is the time for you to have your air conditioning checked out and tuned up, and we want you to feel safe in calling us and allowing us into your home. You must maintain a high level of air quality in your home to avoid respiratory problems or any other health issues.

Young children and older adults must have access to clean air since they are among the most vulnerable populations for respiratory issues.

To protect our employees and your health at this time, we are implementing unprecedented precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Steps to Keep Our Employees and Communities Safe

Our commitment to you is to keep your house safe and free of air pollutants. To achieve this, we are following official state COVID-19 protocols. We are also introducing procedures of our own to ensure the safety of our employees as well as our valued customers. 

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We want you to continue to trust us through these demanding times and continue to rely on us for air conditioning and heating services.

Here are some of the precautionary measures you can expect from us during the coronavirus lockdown:

  • Utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE): You can expect our technicians to arrive and perform our work with face masks, disposable latex gloves, and shoe coverings. At Home Comfort USA, we have been wearing protective gloves for your safety before the current pandemic.
  • No infected employees: All of our employees, whether potentially infected with coronavirus or concerned about any illness symptoms, will be asked to stay home and not come into work. We assure you that none of our field representatives are infected with the coronavirus.
  • Self-isolation and self-quarantine: When not working, employees will be exercising self-isolation practices at home. 
  • Personal hygiene: Field employees will use hand sanitizer and wash their hands constantly and thoroughly before and after each service call. 
  • Office disinfection protocols: We are following all stated Center for Disease Control (CDC) procedures for cleaning our facilities and keeping them disinfected. 
  • Remote training and office work: Our regular group training sessions are now conducted remotely rather than on property. Similarly, any office work that can be completed remotely is performed from home following self-isolation policies. 
  • Observance of social distancing: Technicians will be observing social distancing on your property by not shaking hands and by maintaining a safe distance from you. Further, all face-to-face consultations will take place outside instead of inside your home.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting work areas before leaving: We feel it is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves after each service call. We have always done this in the past, but now we include placing replaced items, such as old filters, in disposable trash bags, and disinfecting all work surfaces we have contact with before leaving. We also lay down a tarp to walk on when we go into your attic.

At Home Comfort USA, we feel the safety of our clients and our staff are our first priorities. We have implemented these preventative measures to demonstrate our commitment to your well-being and that of our employees.

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If you have any suggestions that we may have overlooked, please contact our customer care team today.

Air Conditioning Services Are Essential Services

The state’s shelter-in-place order means that everyone is at home all of the time. It also means that your air conditioner is running around the clock. This puts a tremendous strain on its efficiency, and it must continue to produce and circulate clean air. 

We want to help you maintain a safe and comfortable environment by recommending:

1. Regular air conditioning system checkups 

As clean, safe air is the most important thing you need right now, it is an opportune time for Home Comfort to perform our 32-Point Checkup on your air conditioning and heating system.

2. Filter replacement or air sanitizer installation 

Eliminating airborne pollutants and contaminants is essential in maintaining your well-being and a healthy environment. Something as simple as replacing old air filters or installing air sanitizers with ActivePure technology can make all the difference in the world.

3. Consider replacing your old air conditioning and heating system with a new one

With proper maintenance, heating and air conditioning systems can last a long time but, eventually, you will need to replace your old one with a new model. There is no better time to do this, and Home Comfort USA wants to help.

Home Comfort USA offers financing for your HVAC replacement and is a Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) registered contractor.

If you are not sure whether your unit needs replacement or just a few minor repairs, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

A Safe Home in Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, we want you to feel confident about the air you breathe. While we are all state-mandated to practice self-isolation, we want you to feel secure that your home environment is healthy and safe.

Home Comfort USA is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your air conditioning and heating needs. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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