3 Reasons Why Your AC Is Running But Not Actually Cooling

AC is not cooling

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Is your AC not cooling properly? Air conditioning keeps our homes at a comfortable temperature during the long California summer. Unfortunately, our AC units don’t always do their job well. Sometimes your AC unit runs normally, but the temperature inside the house continues to rise.

Before you call Home Comfort USA, here are some quick troubleshooting tips that you can try if your AC isn’t keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. If your air conditioner isn’t running, you can check to make sure the thermostat is switched on, or the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. Also, if it’s running but not cooling, check to see if the air filters are dirty, as dirty air filters can cause bad AC smells, or inspect to ensure the outside unit isn’t blocked or obstructed. 

If your air conditioner still isn’t cooling your home, call in an HVAC technician to help fix the problem. These types of AC problems are fairly common. Here are three of the most common reasons why your AC may be running but not cooling:


Problems with ventilation can also affect your AC’s ability to keep your home cool:

  • Air ducts can become obstructed or develop leaks. 
  • Dirty air filters can restrict the flow of air and have a negative impact on indoor air quality. 
  • The air intake vents on the exterior of your AC unit could be blocked by leaves, trash, and other debris.

In addition, the condenser unit may be blocked as well, limiting its ability to conduct heat.


Your AC could be experiencing a refrigerant leak or a leak in the air ducts. Refrigerant fluid flows through the compressor and the condenser to remove heat from the air moving through the unit. When there’s a hole or rupture in the line, the refrigerant may not flow as efficiently as it should, limiting its effectiveness to keep your home cool.

A hole or break in your air ducts may be allowing the cool air to bleed out of your AC system. An HVAC technician will know how to check your ducts for obstructions or leaks and keep them clean of dirt and other obstructions that can affect the temperature and air quality within your home.

Mechanical Problems

Many different mechanical problems can make it difficult for your AC unit to maintain the desired temperature. The compressor, condenser, condenser coils, evaporator, fan, and motor can all experience problems that affect AC performance. Parts can become worn out and fail, especially if your system isn’t properly maintained. Sensors can fail. You may also be experiencing electrical issues, such as a burnt-out capacitor or contactor. An HVAC contractor will diagnose the problem and fix the problem fixed before it gets too warm inside the house.

Home Comfort USA - Anaheim AC Repairing Services

Is your AC not running? Is your AC not cooling? If your air conditioner isn’t doing its job, give Home Comfort USA a call. We install and repair AC units in Anaheim and our neighboring communities. Our highly trained and licensed HVAC contractors are pros when it comes to AC repairing. We’ll be able to quickly pinpoint the cause of your problems, give you a rundown of what’s wrong, provide a price quote, and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Call Home Comfort USA at 888-462-0089 for solutions to all your air ventilating, heating, and cooling problems.

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