How AC Benefits Your Overall Health

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In Southern California, the average summertime high temperatures are in the mid-80s – and can certainly reach higher on some days. When the outside temperature is scorching, the health benefits of air conditioning are obvious. However, we also recognize a number of other lesser-known health benefits of a cool, air-conditioned living space – and we are ready to implement strategies to promote indoor air quality and a well-balanced home atmosphere.

4 Ways Air Conditioning Can Improve Health and Wellness

The quality of the air is directly correlated to the quality of health and life. The following are four known health benefits of air conditioning in SoCal+:

1. Better Sleep

Quality sleep translates to holistic wellness across multiple physiological systems. Said another way, poor sleep causes a lack of concentration, irritability, and a multitude of other health problems including cardiovascular disease and increased risk of early mortality. Sleeping in a cool, climate-controlled room promotes sounder rest and greater overall health.

2. Reduced Risk of Dehydration

In scorching heat, the body relies on its own perspiration system to self-control against the dangers of overheating. As a result, this loss of water and salt through sweating can quickly cause electrolyte imbalance resulting in dangerous dehydration. Living in a home with strong and consistent air conditioning significantly lessens the risk of hydration-related health problems and keeps the body cool and balanced.

3. Home Security

The security benefits of air conditioning are two-fold. First, when air conditioning is engaged, homeowners are likely to keep windows secured and sliding glass doors locked. While not a direct physiological benefit, running the AC can indirectly reduce the risk of uninvited predators and reduce the risk of home invasion.

Moreover, air conditioning filters work to reduce the presence of another kind of uninvited guest: pests and insects. The air conditioning filter can also reduce the likelihood of fleas on household pets and is thought to be more effective in filtering out bugs than a traditional window screen.

4. Decreased Risk of Respiratory Issues

One of the most important aspects of clean indoor air is the correlation with a reduced risk of respiratory issues – including a decreased risk of asthmatic response. In fact, asthma sufferers benefit greatly from the fact that when the air conditioner is running, the windows and screen doors are shut – keeping out allergens and pollen. As well, Home Comfort USA is proud to offer a routine indoor air quality assessment to residential home clients to ensure that all residents are breathing clean, clear air.

Why Choose Home Comfort USA?

We are an Orange County-based HVAC company rooted in principles of fairness, proper manners and prompt maintenance. We are dedicated to our clients and guarantee satisfaction.

No matter the HVAC job, our technicians are highly trained and skilled in the complexities of heating and cooling appliances – particularly when it comes to indoor air quality and consistent, reliable air

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