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Category: Air Conditioning

image of an hvac tech working on a ductless mini split

HVAC Installation Service: What You Need To Know

HVAC installation service can be a significant home renovation project. When installing a new HVAC system, you’re setting yourself up for years of comfort at home. Important decisions must be made whether you’re installing a new AC unit, heating system,

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photo of air conditioner installer

5 Questions to Ask Your Air Conditioner Installer

The more you understand your air conditioning system, the better off you’ll be. When an HVAC technician arrives to install your new cooling system, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your AC installation appointment is the perfect time to educate

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Image of an HVAC tech holding a clipboard standing in front of a heater

Emergency Heating Repair: Fast and Affordable

Even in Southern California, winter can be uncomfortable without a functioning heater. If you’re searching for ‘heater repair service near me,’ you’re probably a homeowner in immediate need of affordable service. At Home Comfort, we’re dedicated to our customer’s well-being.

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photo of HVAC technician doing repair working on an ac unit

Preparing Your Home or Business for AC Repair Service

So, your air conditioning isn’t keeping your space cool. During a Southern California heatwave, a malfunctioning AC system makes working from home or in your business extremely uncomfortable. It’s time to consider calling an air conditioning repair service. Before you

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