3 Benefits of Having Your Attic Insulated

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The attic may be one of the least-visited areas of the home, but it one of the most essential zones to keep climate-controlled. We know most homeowners visit their attic a handful of times per year; however, the attic requires specialized attention to control the extreme fluctuations in temperature common in this area of the home.

At Home Comfort USA, we regularly work with folks curious about the necessity of insulating the attic. For most, the choice is surprisingly straightforward after considering what can happen if an attic isn’t properly insulated. To learn more about the importance of well-insulated attic space, don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible (before temperatures dip this Winter!)

Increased Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the most compelling reason to insulate the attic is to increase the home’s energy efficiency. At the apex of the home, the attic will naturally attract the warmest air in the home. In cooler temperatures, it is much more efficient to keep this air in the living areas – as opposed to resorting to the heating system to make up the difference. While temperatures are low, proper attic insulation will keep warm air out of this vacant space and force it to remain in the living areas on the home.

In the blistering Summer months, attic insulation will work to keep the scorching hot air within the attic area – instead of allowing it to spread throughout the home, and thereby raising energy costs by overtaxing the air conditioner. With a relatively modest investment in proper attic insulation, homeowners can save a great deal on heating and cooling throughout the entire year.

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The Longevity of HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are generally designed to last a while, even in extreme temperatures like those in Southern California. However, when the system is constantly bombarded by extreme heat, this can take a real toll on its longevity. Insulating the attic is one way to preserve the HVAC system by allowing it to do some of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to a triple-digit forecast. During the hottest months of the year, solid insulation will keep the hot air where it belongs while the home stays cool and comfortable.

Avoiding Costly Leaks

HVAC systems are made up of a complex network of ducts and tubing to help keep comfortable air in and dangerously hot air out. Air conditioners rely on cold water to function properly and keep temperatures tolerable. Particularly if the HVAC system is located in the attic, the constant passage of this cool air will lead to condensation and water drippage, which in turn seeps into the ceilings and walls – often resulting in mold.

When the attic is insulated, the HVAC system and its ductwork remain free from condensation and leaks–which helps to prevent a much more costly (and unhealthy) problem.

Call Home Comfort USA right away!

When it comes to attic insulation and energy efficiency, our straightforward approach is second-to-none in Southern California.

To get started with top-quality attic insulation, please give us a call today: 888-462-0089.

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