Why Choose Home Comfort USA Plumbing for your hot water system installation?

Choosing the right plumber to install your hot water system in your home is of the utmost importance. Home Comfort USA Plumbing is a local privately owned Southern California contractor. Home Comfort USA Plumbing is a licensed plumbing contractor fully bonded and insured. We hire only the best plumbers the local industry has to offer. Our pricing is very competitive considering the quality of workmanship, materials and the local plumbing code standards used in the installation of these water heaters. Call us today at: (888) 781-0364 for a free estimate or consultation.

Tank or Tankless?

Although standard hot water heater systems have lost market share due to the new tankless water heater, they are still widely used by many commercial and residential homeowners. Although less fuel–efficient than their counterparts, a standard tank water heater has some benefits; like the possibility of a simple recirculation system attached, the ability to be mounted in tandem without having a complicated valve systems and the ability to be connected in line with a hot water solar heating system. They can also be used as hybrid hot water storage system and as a standard tank water heater.

With a Tankless water heater, your home in will never run out of hot water again. That is correct! As long it is properly sized and there is enough gas and water supplying your tankless water heater you will never run out of hot water again. I hate it when I’m all soaped up and the water heater runs out of hot water because I just ran a load of laundry or my teenager took one their 45 minute showers. Due to the method in which tankless water heaters operate, running out of hot water is a thing of the past.