Home Comfort USA Donates to the Westside German Shepherd Rescue

October 19th, 2017

Control Air Donates to Westside German Shepherd Rescue

If all the people of Southern California are our family, then our dogs are certainly our best friends. That’s why we have partnered with the Westside German Shepherd Rescue. The Westside German Shepherd Rescue is a non profit 501(c)3 no-kill rescue that relocates all types of german shepherds from high kill shelters to loving homes.

The rescue was founded in 2002 in the back of a veterinarian hospital. In those days, there was just a handful of volunteers and only 7 dogs. Over the course of fifteen years, the Westside German Shepherd Rescue grew to be one of the largest rescues in the Los Angeles Area. Since 2012, the Westside German Shepherd rescue has saved over 12,000 dogs!

The amazing volunteers who help run the rescue are true animal-lovers that believe a little extra love and care will help them be the happiest dogs that they can be in their new homes. All volunteers have developed strong, personal relationships with the dogs. This one-on-one relationship allows volunteers to find a new home that is perfect for any dog’s one-of-a-kind personality.

Air Scrubber Installed for Westside German Shepherd Rescue

A Breath of Fresh Air
As a non-profit organization, the Westside German Shepherd Rescue depends on the help of the community. That’s why we at Home Comfort USA decided to offer our expertise to provide a unique service.

If you have ever been to an animal rescue, you are sure to have noticed how hot and stuffy it can be inside the building. A lack of ventilation and air flow causes the air to “sit”. This allows bacteria, allergens, and dirt to settle into the carpets, furniture, and walls. This is not only uncomfortable but also detrimental to the health of the dogs.

In 2016, Home Comfort USA equipped the Westside German Shepherd Rescue with one of our top of the line air conditioning systems. And just like the volunteers at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue, Home Comfort USA would not be satisfied until our animal friends had the absolutely highest quality of living.

To maximize the efficiency of Westside German Rescue’s new air conditioning system, we took the additional step to provide them with a high quality air scrubber. An air scrubber is a type of filtration system capable of removing particles, gasses, and even odors from the air.

In the past year alone, the hundreds of dogs living in the rescue have experienced less sinus problems, allergies, and illness. Both dogs and humans alike have also appreciated the relief from the hot Southern California sun during the summertime!

 Westside German Shepherd Rescue is a Blessing

Happier Dogs and Happier Humans
The community at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue is strong, dedicated, and giving. Naturally, Home Comfort USA wanted to be a part of it. We both share a love of these athletic, charming, and intelligent German Shepherds and want the loving families of Southern California to enjoy them as well. We are proud of our work in increasing air quality  to provide a cleaner, safer, and happier environment for these beautiful animals.

To learn more about the Westside German Shepherd Rescue, visit: sheprescue.com.

To find out how you can volunteer, contact: wgsr.volunteer@gmail.com.

If you’re ready to add a new member to your family, apply for adoption here: http://www.sheprescue.org/Application_to_Adopt_a_Dog.html.

Radiant Barrier Technology

August 24th, 2017

Radiant Barrier Technology for Your AtticThere’s nothing more uncomfortable than an attic that’s been heated up by the summertime sun. Many homeowners think that the temperature of their attic doesn’t matter as long as they can use their air conditioning to cool off the rest of the home. After all, most people don’t spend too much time in their attic. Even though running your air conditioning will certainly make the temperature inside your home much more bearable, the extra strain that you put on your air conditioning during the Summer has unexpected consequences…

When the sun shines on your roof the heat transfers from the roof to the attic and eventually into your living space. In order to compensate for this extra heat, you’ll have to run the air conditioning at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to keep your home cool. Not only is this going to cost you extra money on your utility bills… the wear and tear that your air conditioner endures will eventually cause it to break down.

Properly installed Radiant Barrier Technology will stop the transfer of heat from the attic to your home, make your home energy-efficient, and extend the life of your air conditioning system.

How Radiant Barriers Save You Money

Hot air naturally flows towards cold air. There’s not much we can do about the heat coming from the sun, but we can stop the heat at your attic before it reaches the rest of your house. Radiant barriers are installed in your attic perpendicular to the sunlight, which will reflect the heat back to its source. Radiant barriers can come as either a reflective insulation foil or as a reflective spray. No matter what kind of radiant barrier is best for your home, you will still be reflecting 75-80% of solar radiation. Using radiant barriers in your home is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the heat entering your home and to save on your utility bills.

How Radiant Barriers Are Installed

Home Comfort USA has the experience and know-how to properly install radiant barrier technology to any home. All that we have to do is get access to the underside of your roof from your attic. From there, we work diligently to thoroughly coat every inch of the attic that’s exposed to the sun. We guarantee that there will be no place for unnecessary heat to seep through your roof.

Once your radiant barriers are installed, you’ll never have to pay to maintain or repair it! You won’t even have to make any adjustments to the way you run your air conditioner. Radiant barrier technologies are guaranteed to pay for themselves with the money you save on heating and cooling, and they will continue to function just as well as the day that they were installed.

Home Comfort USA Helps to Alleviate Childhood Poverty

August 8th, 2017

Boy and Girl of Compassion InternationalAs member of the Southern California Community, Home Comfort USA is proud of the work done every day in servicing and installing heating and air conditioning systems, but Ken Starr of Home Comfort USA has a wider vision and strives to do something bigger. Leveraging success and goodwill back home, Ken works with ministries and non-profits both locally and internationally to help improve the lives of those who need help the most.

Little Boy of Compassion InternationalThis is seen in the sponsorship of Compassion International in particular. Working with Compassion International, Home Comfort USA has been able to support and help lift multiple children out of poverty. Sponsoring children in Bolivia, Thailand, Colombia, El Salvador, and the Philippines, Ken Starr of Home Comfort USA and his team have provided ongoing support and continue to strive to do more.

During each month, the top performing Home Comfort USA team member is selected to choose a child they will sponsor. Home Comfort makes that sponsorship for one year, proud to involve the entire team in such good work.

About Compassion International

Boy and Girl of Compassion InternationalCompassion International was founded more than 60 years ago when Reve. Everett Swanson grew concerned over the number of orphans he saw living in the streets of Seoul following the Korean War. From his first efforts in starting a Korean Orphanage to creation of the program that would allow people back west to sponsor and support individual children with education, food, shelter, clothing and medical care, he created what is today Compassion International.

Today the team at Compassion International offer programs to the poorest children with the greatest need, devoted to those of all faiths, backgrounds, cultures, and races to ensure they can be lifted out of poverty. Partnering with individuals and businesses, Compassion International connects individual children across the globe who are in the greatest need, and is an organization Home Comfort USA is proud to be associated with.

Changing the World for the Better

By working with Compassion International, as well as other ministries and non-profits like The Sheepfold locally and Awaken, Home Comfort USA has been able to give back in ways that Ken and his team have long dreamed of. It allows them to show just how much they care about the community and those beyond their community alike, and won’t stop with just one child helped or just one charity drive. It’s a lifelong effort with a wide vision for betterment in the lives of others.

Learn more about how Ken Starr and Home Comfort USA works with the community in the southern California area, as well as internationally to help support those who are most in need.

Working with Awaken to Stop Commercial Sexual Exploitation

August 7th, 2017

Awaken LogoOne of the most important things Ken Starr and the team of Home Comfort USA strive for is to be an active member of the community, both in Southern California and outside of it. Proud of their dedication to excellence in providing heating and air conditioning installation and service in the region, they strive to do more and give back in as many ways as possible.

This has become evident in the myriad ways that Ken Starr has led his Home Comfort USA team to support the community, including ongoing support and sponsorship of Awaken – an organization focused on eradicating commercial sexual exploitation.

In addition to several other organizations with which Ken and Home Comfort USA have worked over the last several years, Awaken represents an opportunity to give back and make the lives of those less fortunate better. With 257 girls helped to date through the efforts of Home Comfort USA, lives have been bettered.

About Awaken

Help Awaken End Child ExploitationAwaken works to transform the community with the goal of eradicating commercial sexual exploitation. By uniting communities against sex trafficking, Awaken helps the victims of this exploitation to be restored to their fullest potential and live lives that are as fulfilling as they can be. Founded by Melissa Holland and Jen Robinson, Awaken has been helping women to escape commercial sexual exploitation and counselling them to regain their lives since 2011.

Help AwakenToday, Awaken works toward their goals in a number of ways. By providing direct services to women and girls eager to escape CSE, they are able to provide transitional housing and transportation, financial aid, legal and medical assistance, counselling and mentorship. Their drop in center, opened in January 2016 provides an easy access point to these services, and ongoing prevention and education programs in local schools helps to ensure students understand the realities of sex trafficking and how to prevent it from happening.

Working to Improve the Lives of Our Community

Ken Starr and Home Comfort USA are dedicated to making the community a better place for everyone in it, and to helping the women and girls who find themselves in a life they do not want to lead. By supporting Awaken, along with other local and international efforts to support the poorest and neediest among us, Home Comfort USA hopes to give back and make the world a better place.

Learn more about Home Comfort USA and their efforts locally with the Sheepfold, and internationally with Compass International and other ministries and non-profits.

Development for a Bangladesh Community Center

June 30th, 2017

One of the most rewarding parts of business is being able to build on previous success and help others. Ken did just that at the beginning of 2017, visiting Bangladesh. After seeing the need in the communities he visited, Ken felt a burning desire to do something more and partnered with a local pastor to help mothers and their children living in poverty.

Bangladesh Children Studying in Classroom

The goal was to provide daily support and autonomy to women and their children who struggled daily and were often pushed into lives they did not control. Ken and Home Comfort USA could fully fund and build a community center within this community – a brothel area in Bangladesh.

The Goal of the Bangladesh Community Center

The new community center was designed to support education and daily activity for the children in this community. Providing daily school and devotionals, the community center has become an important part of the region.

Home Comfort USA is proud to have fully funded the teachers’ salary, daily meals, shoes and clothing for the children in the area, many of whom had none of these things previously. By partnering and working with local pastors, we were able to identify the core needs of the community and provide support in the way that could help most.

Our Brothel Children in Bangdalesh


The Needs are Still Many

While the community center is complete and there has been some relief for those living here, there are still many needs with several additional projects pending.

Beyond support in daily life, our goal is to bring self-dependency to the women here who currently work in prostitution to support their families. To do this, three acres of land are needed, on which they can farm goats, cattle, fish, and chickens. By providing a space to earn a living and a source of new livelihood, the goal is to support these women in being with their children and living independent lives.

In addition to the land and means to support themselves, basic services such as a free medical camp are needed in the region as well. This medical camp would serve more than 400 women and children with 4 MBBS Doctors, Dentists, Women’s Specialists, Nurses, and Pharmacists. While volunteers have already stepped forward, funds are needed to support the camp expenses and ensure the resources are in place to provide for the community center expansion.

Our Brothel Children With Their Class Teacher

The Future for a Community Looking Forward

Ken was touched by his time spent in Bangladesh, and Home Comfort USA has been able to provide something in the lives of a community of women that struggles to make ends meet, resorting to prostitution just to care for their children. It’s heartening to see children in this community have a place to attend school and pursue a future, and we hope and pray for the support needed to take the next step in providing more resources to this community.